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Body Mind Spirit was born from a simple vision: to create a place you can visit when you're looking for inspiration or motivation and gain instant clarity on who you are and what kind of life you want to live.


Doctor M.

What if you can learn how to use your own innate spiritual intelligence to improve your health

 slow down the aging process and become more successful in life?


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We will work on your mind, emotions, and energies during the sessions by exposing the unconscious beliefs blocking you. Then, I teach you to switch to more positive thoughts with various exercises to unlock your core values and passions.
We balance your emotions and energies through guided meditations, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. WHAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE: Find purpose, maximize your full potential, gain self-awareness, find your core values, Improve relationships, expose unconscious beliefs,

Re-discovering what makes you happy and gaining clarity on what you want.



My best-known works include the books, a Magnificent Body with Intermittent Fasting | a Course in Self-Mastery | Wake Up Call a Proven Method for Self-healing and Rejuvenation.

Based on 20 years of personal and scientific research into the self-healing power of the human body and the power of the mind.


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