What deep breathing can do for you

The Power Of Breath


Breathing is fundamental to life; deep breathing, also called diaphragmatic breathing, is a practice that enables more air to flow into your body.
We usually don't think about breathing as something we need to work on, 
because breathing occurs from the autonomic nervous system.
We do have the option to breathe intentionally to change specific patterns or how we feel internally.
The differences between the nose and mouth breathing are:

When breathing thru the nose, your nasal hairs function as a filter letting only clean air pass through.  The nose releases nitric oxide, a vasodilator that helps widen blood vessels, improving oxygen circulation in your body.
Breathing thru the nose creates more pressure on the exhale because the nose opening is smaller than the mouth, strengthening the capacity of the lungs. 
Breathing thru the mouth can cause dysfunctional breathing due to shallow and fast intakes of breath. 

If done correctly and safely, breathing exercises are one of the most powerful ways to control your mind and body.
If done incorrectly can cause blackouts and hyperventilation.


1. Deep breathing increases the level of oxygen in our blood.

2. Deep Breathing helps remove toxins from the body.

3. Deep Breathing increases concentration.

4. Deep Breathing lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

5. Deep Breathing calms your nerves.

6. Deep Breathing reduces stress and anxiety.
7. Deep Breathing nourishes the skin with fresh oxygenated blood, giving it a healthy colour and vibrancy.

8. Deep Breathing can help improve the posture